What to do to be considered for the best roles

What to do to be considered for the best roles

Picture this. There is a group of senior leaders sitting around a table discussing some new exciting projects. They are throwing around the names of people who they think might be suitable for the role.

The role will be the perfect opportunity for someone to prove their skills and truly contribute in a big way. It will be challenging. It will be high profile. And the successful candidate will be remunerated accordingly.

And … it would be perfect for you!

But your name isn’t mentioned.


Because you’ve been flying under the radar, working hard and focusing on getting the job done.

But… No one really knows you.

They know you are reliable. They know you will get the job done. They know you’ll produce good work. But that’s about it.

They don’t really know what type of leader you are.

They don’t know that you have been an instrumental contributor in the development of the strategic direction in your department. They don’t know that the low staff turn over in your team is due to the work you’ve done to build team engagement.

And most critically… they don’t even know that you would be interested in this type of opportunity.

Unfortunately you have kept yourself a well kept secret. You’ve relied on the quality of your work to do the talking for you. And at this level and stage in your career – it’s not enough.

Leadership requires more of you than being technically proficient.

The best roles and opportunities will only come your way when you’re known for your leadership and your ability to get results that matter to the organisation.

And this takes getting yourself known!

The women in my inner circle programs who are getting the best opportunities coming their way are those who are bold enough to stake a claim for the types of roles they would love to be doing… and then strategically position themselves for the right doors to open.

It’s time to get strategic, unleash your powers of influence and build a network of key supporters who will open the doors of opportunity for you.

Want to be considered for the best roles? Here’s how.

1. Take control. 

Ok ladies it’s time to get in the drivers seat and take control of your career. This is not the time shrink. This is not the time to pull back and hope that someone will see your good work and talent.

No more leaving your career up to chance.

I wonder, is your career more by default than design?

If you don’t know where you are heading it’s likely you wont end up anywhere special.

Or even worse … end up fulfilling someone else’s agenda in a role that you can do but doesn’t light your fire.

So the most important step is – clarity!

Start by getting clear about what type of work you want to be doing. Don’t get too bogged down in defining the job title – it’s more about identifying how you would like to be spending each day and what you would like to be responsible for.

2.  Get focused

It’s time to get strategic.

The difference between a good career and an outstanding career is where you focus your time, energy and resources. Focus your time and energy on projects and activities that will get you recognised and considered for the types of opportunities that would interest you.

3.  Build your profile. 

It’s time to get known. Get out from behind your desk and speak to people in person rather than shooting off a quick email. Prioritise strategic catch ups for coffee or after work drink to deepen relationships and share your ideas and aspirations.

Speak up in meetings and let your views and opinions be known. Share your knowledge generously and make time to manage up, sideways and down.

Be on the look out for high profile projects that will not only give you key experience but also see these as the ideal opportunity to show case your skills and the value you bring.

4.  Say NO. 

You need to say no to the “busy work” so you can focus on the tasks that we get you noticed for the work that will position you well for the types of roles you want.

5.  Speak up.   

Let it be known what your aspirations and interests are. I know it can be terrifying to take a stand for what you want but you can’t expect those around us to be mind readers.

It takes courage but surely we should fear missing out on opportunities even more.


Follow these tips with an open mind and an attitude of curiosity and before long …. you will have the ideal projects and the best roles come knocking on your door.

Don’t stay stuck where you are…. being overlooked for the best roles.

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